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Palo Santo – Wierook 200 g
Palo Santo – Wierook 200 g
Palo Santo – Wierook 200 g
Palo Santo – Wierook 200 g
Palo Santo – Wierook 200 g

Palo Santo – Wierook 200 g

  • Palo santo has magical powers and a unique aroma. Hundreds of years ago, the Indians living in South America believed that palo santo could protect against evil spirits and bring good luck.
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Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens) has magical powers. Its name in Spanish means “holy stick”. It flows with an aromatic resin with many properties, which makes the wood very strong and resistant to external factors. Above all, however, it is characterised by a unique and exceptional aroma. When set on fire, a piece of Palo Santo wood serves as an incense stick. The fragrant smoke from it introduces positive energy, helps to clear the mind and relax after a hard day. It smells of nature, with sweet and refreshing notes of vanilla and citrus. Hundreds of years ago, Palo Santo was used in the form of incense by the Indians living in South America. They censed the sites of mystical ceremonies, believing that the smoke rising from the Palo Santo had the power to protect them from evil spirits and bring them good luck. Today, Palo Santo is often used in aromatherapy and during meditation.

Our Palo Santo wood incense is imported from Ecuador. Several species of trees called "sacred trees" are threatened with extinction, so cutting them down is banned. Palo Santo wood is therefore obtained from naturally fallen branches. This is a sign of respect for nature and helps to protect wild tree populations. Before the Palo Santo branches are harvested, they lie on the ground for about six years, which allows the wood to become even more aromatic, rich in valuable resin and essential oils. The aromatic sap of the Palo Santo attracts a variety of insects and bugs, including cutworms - a whole ecosystem can develop in a dead branch lying on the ground for several years. This is the real magic of nature! Fortunately, the older the branch is, the fewer insects nest in it, and we already receive " clean" Palo Santo. However, bark beetle marks may remain in the wood, as well as visible rotten fragments - this is a sign that the Palo Santo is original and that the sourcing process is sustainable.

Palo Santo should be completely dried to burn well. However, by being naturally sourced, there may be a little moisture left in it. If this is the case, it is a good idea to dry them a little. This can be done, for example, by leaving them on the heater for a few hours.

Before you start the Palo Santo smudging ritual:

  1. Stop, relax, unwind. You will feel the magic of Palo Santo fully with a clear and open mind. This is a special moment which will allow you to look deep into your soul, so do not rush the ritual.
  2. Approach the Palo Santo ritual with seriousness and respect. It is part of the Indian culture that connected with the spirit of nature through the ritual, thus achieving complete harmony.
  3. Think about the intention that will accompany you during the ritual and immerse yourself in the fragrant aroma of the smoke that rises from the Palo Santo. Feel the scent of pure nature and the magic of the South American Indians. Purify your soul, mind and surroundings, drive away bad energy and invoke all that is positive.

How to use Palo Santo incense? Brief instructions:

  1. Light one end of the Palo Santo wood by holding it over the fire source. Wait a few seconds until the incense begins to glow.
  2. Extinguish the incense by blowing out the flame or shaking the stick vigorously. After a while, the Palo Santo will begin to smoulder with a thick, intensely fragrant smoke. As you extinguish the flame, think of an intention that will accompany the smudging ritual.
  3. Cover yourself with the fragrant smoke, directing the incense from toe to head, and then cover the room, objects or people you wish to purify. When the ritual is complete, place the still glowing incense in a safe place, such as a ceramic pot. After a while the Palo Santo will extinguish itself - then you can light it again.

Additional information:

Country of origin: Ecuador

Weight: approx. 200g

Please note: each piece of Palo Santo differs slightly in size and weight, so there may be a weight difference of approximately 5 g in each packet.

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